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Melaleuca MelaGel Topical Balm 12g

Daily Lubricating Moisturizing Lotion 473ml
Blackmore Vitamin E Cream 50g

RM 39.90
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Keeps Melaleuca Oil in constant contact with skin, versatile treatment capabilities, helps seal Melaleuca Oil into small wounds

Sealing and Healing for a Good Feeling

You may already be familiar with the “superhero“ healing power of T36-C5® Melaleuca Oil on cuts, scrapes, stings, and burns. Well, if Melaleuca Oil is a superhero, then MelaGel is its trusty sidekick.

After applying Melaleuca Oil to a wound, coat the wound with a layer of MelaGel to seal the Melaleuca Oil into the wound before bandaging the wound. MelaGel keeps the Melaleuca Oil in constant contact with the wound, helping it heal.

MelaGel contains 23% T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil along with the best, most natural cocoa butter, beeswax, and wheat germ oil. Also includes vitamins A, D3, and E, each complementing each other and invigorating your dry skin.

MelaGel comes in a 12g disc, so it fits in a pocket or purse for whenever you need fast cut coverage on the go.


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